Staff Scholarships

Each year UCLA Staff Assembly offers scholarships for career enhancement and professional growth. The number and value of scholarships awarded may vary from year to year, and are dependent upon revenue derived from various Staff Assembly fund-raising events.

Testimonials from Scholarship Recipients

Thanks to the UCLA Staff Assembly scholarship, I was able to take a UCLA Extension class on fundraising, which has helped me develop and expand my skills. Given the severe economic times UCLA is facing and departmental cuts to staff development, receiving the Staff Assembly scholarship was a blessing. The application process was easy and I was informed within a few weeks that I had been selected to receive the award. Thank you UCLA Staff Assembly! – Waiyi  Tse, Program Representative, School of Public Affairs

This course prepared me to use our recently acquired recording equipment and software for songwriting and recording with our pediatric patients. The scholarship helped to defray the costs of participation. The opportunity has enabled me to work effectively and efficiently with our pediatric patients as they participate in a unique opportunity to record original compositions while hospitalized on our pediatric oncology unit. – Vayna Green, Child Life/Child Development Services

It is great to know that there is a staff-run organization that is working to support employee’s educational and career aspirations. Without the benefit of a staff scholarship from the Staff Assembly, I know I would be forced to accept a high-interest personal loan to pay for these expenses. At a time of economic uncertainty, being given this award does much to ease my qualms about how I would pay for educational materials. – Peter Lopez, Academic Personnel Coordinator, Jules Stein Eye Institute

This program is wonderful. In this time of financial uncertainty I was able to continue taking classes knowing I would receive some much needed support. I am one step closer to graduation and moving on to getting my MBA. Thank you so much! – Renee Roth, Assistant Manager, Corporate Financial Services Accounts Payable

The Staff Scholarship program provides an incentive for me in pursuing my career in Healthcare Management. I am using this staff scholarship to pay for a small portion of my graduate school tuition. The scholarship provides recognition to those that want to further their education and gives them a boost mentally and financially. I am very grateful to have been chosen among the many applicants for this wonderful award. – Stacy Tsan, Administrative Specialist, Anesthesiology/Emergency Medicine

During these difficult economic times your gift has truly been a blessing in helping me fulfill my dream of a college education. – Rhonda Wade, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, Development – College of Letters & Science

The Staff Assembly Scholarship allowed me to gain additional training in a treatment protocol that allows me to offer UCLA students the most up to date therapies for emotional disorder. This training directly impacts the nature of individual and group therapy I offer at the counseling center. – Ancy Cherian, Counseling and Psychological Services, Staff Psychologist

I am so grateful for the Scholarship Program. As a result of my program attendance, I am certified for 5 years to provide student training for the only empirically-based eating disorders prevention program for undergraduates. – Gia Marson, Counseling and Psychological Services, Psychologist