UCLA’s largest staff organizations have come together to bring you the Bruin Tools for Employee Knowledge (TEK) Forum. This year’s event will feature three panel discussions on embracing technology for professional development and management skills. We welcome you to stay for a reception after which includes a digital welcome message from UCLA’s Leonard Kleinrock, “Inventor of the Internet.”

All proceeds will go toward staff scholarships and programming.

This event is sponsored by UCLA Samueli #Internet50 and Spencer Trask & Co.


12:30 pm: Doors Open

1:00 pm: Opening Remarks
Kevin Kimberlin, Chairman of Spencer Trask & Co

1:15 pm: Generational Technology 
From pagers to smartphones; phone conference to Zoom, stream, and share; in-person training to online training. Panelists discuss changes to management and professional development skills as they embrace the changing generations of technology.

2:15 pm: Technology Tools for Growth
Use of UCLA technology tools for professional development and service management. Panelists discuss the technology tools they use for communication, management, and training.

3:15 pm: Data-Driven Management
Embracing technology to manage our daily intake of information to make decisions. Panelists exchange their ideas on how they manage the dozens of emails, text messages, and other information streams to get their work done.

Closing Remarks by Dr. Michael Pfeffer, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, UCLA Health Sciences

Program will be concluded with an exclusive screening (45 minutes) of National Geographic’s documentary “Inside the Internet: 50 Years of Life Online” and a catered reception.

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