Who can access the Staff Assembly listserv?

At the discretion of the UCLA Staff Assembly President, the Staff Assembly listserv may be accessed by campus partners for the purposes of informing staff about relevant UCLA-sponsored events, announcements, and programs. Partners must be either UCLA departments or UCLA affiliated organizations.

How can I provide my information for distribution on the listserv?

Please submit all newsletter request on this form. Information should be limited to events/announcements in the upcoming 2-3 months only. 

  • Two complimentary entry per term (July to June) for internal organizations.
  • Recommended to submit requests 4 weeks in advance of the desired post date.
  • Submit concise text. Limit titles to 200 characters, descriptions to 1,000 characters.
  • Graphic assets should be high resolution in 564 x 260 pixels (landscape).

Please note: Text may be edited at the discretion of Staff Assembly.

If you have questions or special request for stand-alone email, contact staffassembly@ucla.edu.

How will my information be distributed?

Information will be distributed via the Staff Assembly distribution list on a bi-weekly schedule according to the schedule provided, and will be organized in a digest format, with a header (200 characters) and date/time of event/announcement.  A short article (1000 characters) will appear below the header followed by a link to the remaining information.  Communications within the digest and on the Staff Assembly website will be organized in priority at the discretion of Staff Assembly.  Please note, if a message has already been distributed once, Staff Assembly reserves the right to not re-post the message in order to keep content fresh and allow others to post newer messages.  Staff Assembly reserves the right to not post any message.

What types of partner information goes out on the Staff Assembly listserv?

Partner information which is typically sent out on the Staff Assembly listserv includes a variety of communications relevant to staff, including upcoming UCLA department/organization events, announcements, and promotions and upcoming UCLA department/organization volunteer activities.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about the Staff Assembly listserv?

For questions, please email staffassembly@ucla.edu

Partner Email Schedule

Submissions for the bi-weekly newsletters are due the Monday prior to the Publish date and are typically posted on a Wednesday. The schedule is subject to change based on other email announcements that may need to be sent to the listserv.