Before the Event

  1. Do I need a ticket to attend the All Staff Picnic?
    No, the All Staff Picnic is open to all staff. However, you do need a ticket to pick up a lunch box (see ticket eligibility requirements in answer directly below to question #2).
    If you don’t have a ticket and still want to enjoy the festivities, please bring your BruinCard along with your own lunch and enter through the “non-ticket” entrance. Even without a ticket, you can still enjoy snacks, refreshments and various fun activities.
  2. Who is eligible to pick up tickets?
    All non-academic career and contract staff (represented and non-represented) with 50%+ appointment at UCLA and have a valid BruinCard are eligible to pick up a ticket.
  3. Are tickets limited?
    Yes, please pick up your tickets early because they will likely run out.
  4. Where do I pick up my All Staff Picnic ticket?
    Complimentary tickets for the picnic lunch are available at various campus locations a few weeks prior to the event date. This year, tickets are available from Monday, July 22, through Friday, August 2, at any one of the following distribution locations (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.) Monday through Friday only. Please select the location closest to where you work:

    • Central Ticket Office, James West Alumni Center
    • Covel Commons, Front Desk (tickets available 24 hours)
    • Registrar’s Office, 1113 Murphy Hall
    • Reception Area, North Campus Student Center
    • BruinCard Center, 123 Kerckhoff Hall
    • Campus Human Resources, Suite 200, Wilshire Center Building
    • Gift Shop, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
    • Santa Monica – UCLA Medical Center Administration, Suite G140
  5. Do I need my BruinCard to pick up an All Staff Picnic ticket?
    Yes, to obtain a ticket, you must present your own valid BruinCard at one of the distribution locations.
  6. May I pick up tickets for a group of colleagues?
    No, to obtain a ticket, you must present your own valid BruinCard at one of the distribution locations. You may only pick up your own complimentary lunch ticket.

Day of the Event: Venue & Directions

  1. When is the 2019 All Staff Picnic?
    Thursday, August 8, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
  2. What transportation options are available for staff?
    BruinBus is a year-round bus serving the UCLA campus and the Wilshire Center. Everyone is welcome to board at one of our many stops. The BruinBus complimentary campus service operates buses that are clean, wheelchair accessible, air conditioned and environmentally conscious. On the day of the picnic, the BruinBus will be running full-service and will adjust to meet staff picnic needs.  For more information, please visit UCLA Transportation.
  3. Can you please provide a location map?
    UCLA Campus Map: Dickson Plaza Dickson Plaza is perhaps the most photographed area of campus. Featuring an expansive green lawn, Dickson Plaza is situated between Royce and Haines Halls on the north, Powell Library and the Humanities Building on the south, the Flagpole to the east, and the Janss Steps and the Shapiro Fountain to the west.
  4. Is there a dress code for the picnic?
    Please come as you are and feel free to show your Bruin spirit by wearing your favorite UCLA gear. It will likely be a hot day, so we advise everyone to be in comfortable attire, wear a hat and put on sunblock as you feel necessary.

Day of the Event: Lunch

  1. I have a dietary restriction. What type of food will be provided?
    UCLA Catering will be providing boxed lunches to ticket holders. There are four options for the boxed lunch (turkey sandwich, roast beef sandwich, salmon quinoa salad and vegan quinoa salad) served with fruit, cookies and chips.  There will also be watermelon, lemonade, water, kettle popcorn (one per person) and a frozen dessert available while supplies last. You will need to retain part of your ticket stub to receive a frozen dessert.
  2. May I pick up lunches at the event for a group of colleagues?
    Due to the anticipated number of staff attending the event, you may only pick up your own lunch with your picnic ticket. Also, be sure to retain a piece of your ticket stub upon entry into the picnic area, as you can redeem it for a frozen dessert.

Day of the Event: Release Time

  1. Should my manager provide time away from the office to attend this event?Supervisors are encouraged to grant staff sufficient release time in addition to their normal lunch period to attend the picnic, provided that the absence would not infringe upon the performance of required job duties.

Day of the Event: Fun

  1. I’d like to share some photos of this event. What is the hashtag for the All Staff Picnic? Facebook: Like/Follow the UCLA Staff Assembly Page & use #UCLApicnic Instagram: Follow/Tag @uclasa and use #UCLApicnic. We will be selecting our favorite social media posts from the picnic using #UCLApicnic and shared onto our Facebook page or tagging our Instagram account. Those selected will win some cool prizes from our campus partners!
  2. What other activities will be available at the All Staff Picnic? There will be a DJ playing music for us during the picnic and other fun prizes, games, and activities.
  3. Can you remind me how to do the 8-Clap? A Guide to the Eight Clap – Bruin Blog –
  4. Can you show me what the 8-Clap looks like around the world?
    Sure we can —Eight Clap around the world in 2018