University of California Employee Engagement Survey

2019 Summary

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, UCLA Staff Assembly held a UCLA Staff Assembly held a Town Hall to present recommendations from the 4 Priority Areas Task Forces.  This Town Hall informed everyone about the current progress and immediate next steps that will taking place soon to gain support on potential implementation on some of these recommendations.  The town hall included:

  • Opening remarks from Associate Vice  Chancellor of Campus Human Resources Lubbe Levin
  • Presentation of recommendations by select members of the 4 Priority Areas Task Forces and input from the attendees, moderated by Staff Assembly Immediate Past President Walen Ngo
  • Closing remarks by President Kevin Baldwin

If you were unable to attend, a video recording of the Town Hall, the presentation deck, and other related material can be reviewed below.

Final Reports for all 4 Priority Areas (coming soon)

  • Career Development (coming soon)
  • Organizational Change (coming soon)
  • Performance Management (coming soon)
  • Working Relationships (coming soon)

2018 Summary

On Wednesday, March 28, 2018, UCLA Staff Assembly held a UC Employee Engagement Survey Forum to share the results from the 2017 survey. This forum helped kick off an ongoing conversation about the results of the third UC Employee Engagement Survey. The forum included:

  • Opening remarks from Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Scott Waugh and Associate Vice Chancellor of Campus Human Resources Lubbe Levin
  • Presentation of the results by Staff Assembly President Walen Ngo, President-Elect Kevin Baldwin, and Member-at-Large Brettany Clemens
  • Breakout groups for attendees to come up with some initial ideas on how to address the 4 priority areas identified for UCLA

If you were unable to attend, you are welcome to watch the video recording of the Forum, review the PowerPoint presentation deck and other related material through the links below:

Video recording of the forum
2018 Forum PowerPoint Presentation Deck
2017 UCLA Survey Data (complete)
2017 Survey Questions Breakdown for UCLA Priority Areas Only

We are forming 4 Task Forces to address the 4 Priority Areas that have been identified for UCLA. Please visit the link below to apply to be a Task Force co-lead or general member. The deadline for applications is by 5PM on Friday, April 27, 2018:

Application to Join or Co-lead a Priority Area Task Force