5k Flyer

Greetings Bruins! Join us for our Winter Wonderland Virtual 5k. Fitness Fun for any level and ability! 

Before you get to the details let’s talk safety!

Participate indoors or outdoors wherever you feel safest. Hop on your in home gym equipment or move around your house, neighborhood, outdoor mall or pool, etc…

-It is the responsibility of each participant to follow all posted road signs and traffic laws.

And please be sure to follow all current health and safety guidelines including wearing a face covering and keep physically distant.


Dates: Friday, November 20, 2020 through Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Where: Anywhere your heart desires – in home, outdoors, outdoor mall, pool, etc… It’s your 5K!

Award Categories for this Virtual 5K (participate in one, two or all three):

  1. Most creative route (make sure you get a screen shot with your distance traveled of 5K) indoor, outdoor, walk, run, bike, swim, however you get moving
  2. Best bib decoration. You can download your bib (HERE) and then adorn it with marker, glitter, paint, whatever you have around the house! We encourage you to get creative!
  3. Best Holiday photo (nature, holiday decorations…) whatever fills your heart with Holiday Joy!

How do I sign up?

  1. In lieu of a registration fee join us in supporting our Staff Assembly Spark Campaign (HERE) that supports staff scholarships your gift can be any amount.
  2. Please be sure to track your distance by using your favorite tracking app. Get your 5K anyway and where you can.
  3. Up load the screen shot of your donation receipt (feel free to black out the amount if you wish) and/or your route/mileage, picture of your bib or best holiday photo (you can enter all three award categories) https://sa.ucla.edu/Forms/p/WWV5K

All submissions are eligible to win one of our award categories!

Questions – let us know! lklimoski@recreation.ucla.edu