• Scholarship FAQs

General Application FAQs

Yes, nominations for the Chancellor’s Excellence in Service and Kevin McCauley Memorial Outstanding Staff Awards may be submitted by faculty, staff, or students. The Award Committee will verify eligibility of all nominees. Please note that you will be required to gather all the support letters and attach the documents to your nomination. On average, nominations receive 3-5 support letters from their peers/managers, so it will be your responsibility to coordinate the collection of those letters should you will be the one submitting the nomination.

We recommend that at least one letter of support is submitted as the award itself is very competitive. On average, most people submit 3-5 support letters for one nominee and there is no maximum on the number support letters for any nomination. We just ask that you gather all the support letters and submit them as one PDF document.

The scoring committee is comprised of representatives from the following groups: Campus Human Resources, UCLA Retirees Association, Healthy Campus Initiative Steering Committee, and UCLA Staff Assembly Presidents. There is a blind review (with all personal information of scholarship applicants redacted) and scoring of the applications on a 1 – 10 scale. The strongest applications clearly state how the funds will be applied, and how the course/webinar/conference will benefit their department and university overall.


The scholarships apply to courses taken within the following fiscal year. For example, if you were selected for a scholarship in May 2022, you will be able to take courses from July 2022 – June 2023.

Scholarship and Award Eligibility

The only Staff Assembly award that postdocs are technically eligible for is the Faculty/Partnership Award since postdocs are academic appointments. Please note that any nomination for the Faculty/Staff Partnership Award can only be submitted by non-academic staff and should meet the criteria below.

  • Commitment to the values of collaboration and collegiality as demonstrated by developing partnerships with staff.
  • Acknowledging and showing recognition of staff accomplishments.
  • Proven record of mentoring non-academic staff.
  • Career of service reflecting a strong commitment to the University’s mission of teaching, research, community service, and patient care
  • Visionary leadership, initiative, innovation and creativity, and significant accomplishments.

First, please review the criteria on the main application to see if your nominee qualifies. UCLA Health System Faculty are eligible for the award as long as they do not hold any staff titles. If you are unsure if the UCLA Health System Faculty you are nominating holds any staff titles, please email the nominee’s name and UID to email staffassembly@ucla.edu and we will check if they are eligible for this award.

No, the scholarships are only available to staff who reach one year of employment by July 1. The opportunity takes place annually, so you could reapply next year.