Staff Assembly has developed a bi-weekly Partner Newsletter for distribution to our email listserv that communicate the great variety of events and opportunities extended to staff and faculty by UCLA departments and organizations. We encourage you to partner with us to email your UCLA-related events, promotions, and volunteer activities to over 4,000 staff and faculty who are members on the UCLA Staff Assembly listserv.

To submit an event for the next newsletter, submit your event information/announcement to, in accordance to the Partner Email Schedule.  No late submissions will be accepted.  Information should be limited to events/announcements in the upcoming 2-3 months only.  Upon submitting your information, you will be required to provide header text (no more than 200 characters), article text (no more than 1000 characters), any graphics, your contact information, and a URL linking directly to additional information regarding your event/announcement. Please provide copy ready text, which has been proofed and formatted for html.  Text may be edited at the discretion of Staff Assembly.

To be added to the Staff Assembly listserv, please visit the list signup page.

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