Staff Assembly has developed a bi-weekly Partner Newsletter for distribution to our email listserv that communicate the great variety of events and opportunities extended to staff and faculty by UCLA departments and organizations. We encourage you to partner with us to email your UCLA-related events, promotions, and volunteer activities to over 4,000 staff and faculty who are members on the UCLA Staff Assembly listserv.

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Newsletters are published accordance to the Partner Email Schedule. Information should be limited to events/announcements in the upcoming 2-3 months only. Please submit all newsletter request on this form

Newsletter Guidelines:

  • Only fully complete entries on the submission form will be accepted.
  • Two complimentary entry per term (July to June) for internal organizations.
  • Additional posts within a term are available at $250 for internal organizations/departments and $500 for external entities per post. Pricing subject to change.
  • Standalone emails are available by request for $500 for internal organizations/departments and $1,000 for external entities per email. Pricing subject to change.
  • Recommended to submit requests 2-4 weeks in advance of the desired post date.
  • Submit concise text. Limit titles to 200 characters, descriptions to 1,000 characters.
  • Graphic assets should be high resolution in 564 x 260 pixels (landscape).
  • Text may be edited at the discretion of Staff Assembly.

If you have questions or special request for a stand-alone email, contact

Newsletter Calendar:

The below calendar indicates when the Staff Assembly Newsletter will be emailed and published online.

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