• Campus Committees

UCLA has a variety of campus committees that oversee specific aspects of campus life and each committee has a volunteer Staff Assembly representative who is appointed every 2-3 years. Below are all of the committees that have staff representation. If you would like to learn more about these committees, please review the UCLA Campus Committees Prezi Presentation.

John Wooden Center Board of Governors

The John Wooden Center Board of Governors is a student majority committee which is involved in decisions regarding the design and use of as well as policy and operational issues regarding the John Wooden Center, UCLA’s recreation facility. Members are appointed for a two-year term.

More info: https://www.recreation.ucla.edu/about

Current Staff Assembly Representative: Adrian Mohuczy-Dominiak

Student Conduct Committee

The Student Conduct Committee plays a crucial role in the campus discipline process. This Committee hears cases involving alleged student misconduct which the Dean of Students Office has not been able to resolve with the accused student. Committee membership includes appointees from all major campus constituencies – staff, faculty, undergraduate and graduate students. Staff representatives are nominated annually by Staff Assembly and are appointed by the Chancellor for a term of up to three years. Cases are typically heard by three-person Committee panels selected from among the full roster of members.

More info: https://www.deanofstudents.ucla.edu/Individual-Student-Code

Current Staff Assembly Representatives: Jaclyn Robbin & Marian Olivas

UCLA Committee on Disability

This Committee was officially established in 1983 as an advisory group by the Chancellor. UCOD is comprised of students, faculty, staff, alumni, members of the UCLA Community, and ex-officio members. The Committee’s charge is to analyze and identify problems, propose solutions, and make recommendations on matters of particular concern to persons with disabilities. To facilitate the Committee’s functioning the Chancellor’s ADA & 504 Compliance Office reserves UCOD meeting rooms, provides courtesy parking for off-campus voting members, distributes meeting minutes and proposed agendas.

More info: http://www.ucod.ucla.edu

Current Staff Assembly Representatives: Mike Cohn & Eileen Callahan

UCLA Sustainability Committee

The mission statement of the UCLA Sustainability Committee is to create a culture of sustainability at UCLA in which the entire UCLA community is aware of, engaged in, and committed to advancing sustainability through education, research, operations, and community service activities. Members are appointed for a one-year term.

More info: https://www.sustain.ucla.edu/sustainability-committee/

Current Staff Assembly Representatives: Kelli Walters & Vanessa Thulsiraj

UCLA Committee on LGBTQ Affairs

The UCLA Committee on LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) Affairs reports to CODI and acts as a resource for the campus and community regarding LGBTQ topics and climate concerns. Among its specific responsibilities, the committee is charged with the following:

  • Referring issues and incidences of concern raised by the campus, community and the board
  • Advising and making recommendations on the implementation of the various campus diversity plans and programs
  • Working in conjunction with the appropriate academic, medical or staff compliance committees as a resource for development and review of policies and practices that support the LGBTQ community

More info: https://equity.ucla.edu/lgbtq

Current Staff Assembly Representatives: Jennifer Jiries, Susan Cohen, & Bryan Pitts